The role of CA is quite evident in the process of business process understanding thereby playing a crucial role in selection and implementation of an ERP package. Once implemented, ERP is a vital tool in the hands of a CA in performing financial resource planning to Business Advisory Services.

Business Process Understanding & Configuring

A friendly CA understands his/her Clients business process and thereby can play a vital role in configuring the ERP as per the business requirements.

CA as a Consultant

Implementing an ERP package has to be done in a manner without disrupting the business. Right from Installation to Data conversion to configuration, training & post implementation support - a CA as a domain expert acts as a bridge between the customer & software experts. CA as a Consultant will play a major role in implementation of an ERP solution.

CA as an Auditor

ERP is a tool for an organisation to increase its business efficiency & Auditors for enhancing effectiveness and efficiency of audit. ERP emphasises the focus on process controls, to perform analytical & compliance testing and leverage IT assisted audit steps. A Chartered Accountant, as an Auditor has a number of attributes which can be leveraged to audit advantage through ERP

CA as an Advisor

As an advisor to a company a Chartered Accountant can participate in various Business Advisory Services, given the fact a planning tool is in place. Every step a business takes is well informed. In simple terms, CAs shall perform effective planning by What if analysis and simulate multiple business scenarios to enable the right decisions by entrepreneurs. Budget & Variance Analysis, Ratio Analysis can be performed on the fly to help in effective and timely decision making.

CA - The Vital Link In ERP Adoption

The growing information needs of an enterprise make it imperative to improve systems. Especially under the present Indian business environment, where the globalisation has impacted, it is seen that the whole business system is undergoing a major shift. Chartered Accountants, in their garb as consultants, advisors or auditors play an important role in controlling, managing, and supporting the businesses.


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