Rich your Business Associates Frienids Instantly
Magic SMSMagicSMS Enterprise

It is an advanced business solution which can get plugged with any business databases for sending various types of personalized messages after reading the data. The unique features of this product are as follows:

Salient Features

  • User friendly software application to send SMS to masses in simplest possible way
  • Message sending via Handset & Internet (SOTS) option.
  • Can integrate with your business database. Integration possible with MS-Outlook, MS-Outlook Express,MS-Excel, Access, MS-SQL, Oracle, & Delimited Text files.
  • Message Broadcast – Send mass SMS communication to a group of people or a large databse through this feature. You can import mobile number list from any databse after filtering it as per your specifications. eg: MS-Excel,MS-Outlook,delimited text file etc.
  • Personalized Messages -Generate personalized messages by picking data from compatible database. For e.g "Dear Mr. Deepak, your Maruti Zen car MH-02 MA8655 is due for quarterly checkup on 15-Sep-2007. Kindly contact us on 26735564 for pick up. Thank you. Excel Services"
  • Auto-Schedule – You can configure repetitive services and then leave it to MagicSMS to do the SMS sending task automatically. For e.g. if a doctor wants send an appointment reminder SMS to his patients 2 days before the appointment, then he just needs to configure this once. MagicSMS will automatically do this task daily at the specified time
  • Message Queuing – If your office is closed on Saturdays and Sundays, you can send the messages on Friday with instructions to be delivered to the recipients on Saturday / Sunday. For e.g. – Birthday Greetings
  • Bulk Email – You can do mass email communication to your existing / prospect customers through this option. The best part is, you don't need to configure your MS-Outlook or Outlook Express to use this feature.
  • Message MIS – MagicSMS provides a rich MIS of all the messages sent via handset or internet. You can filter the MIS on various parameters such as date, delivery status, mode, etc.