Tally TipsTally Tips

1. Name & Mailing Name

Did you know the difference between Name & Mailing Name fields available in the company creation screen?

The name provided in the Name field is displayed in the Select Company screen and is used to access the Company in Tally.ERP 9. Where as the Name entered in Mailing Name field will be printed and displayed in all the output reports of a company.

Example: Name – ABC (HO)

Select Company

Mailing Name – ABC Company Limited

ABC Company Limited

2. Financial Year & Books Beginning from

Did you know the difference between the Financial Year from and Books beginning from fields in the Company Creation screen?

Tally.ERP9 Data ABC(HO) Company Creation

Financial Year From: This field indicates the commencement of the financial year for a company, in this case, 1st April 2009.

Books beginning From: The date entered in this field will restrict the user from passing any entry prior to the date mentioned. In other words, vouchers cannot be recorded prior to 1st July 2009, though the financial year begins from 1st April 2009.

3. Delete a line in a voucher

Did you know the shortcut key to delete a line in a voucher is Ctrl + D?

ABC Company Limited Accounting Voucher Creation

Simple, Highlight the required line and press Ctrl + D

4. Bank Reconciliation – Effective Date

Did you know how the effective date in Bank Reconciliation feature works?

Use an Effective Date for Bank Reconciliation: A company has data for the current year and/or previous year and wants to use the bank reconciliation facility from a cut off date say 1st August 2009.  By specifying the date in Effective date for Reconciliation field, vouchers for reconciliation will be considered only from the date specified.

ABC Company LImited Ledger Alteration

5. Recall Reconciled Vouchers

Did you know that you can recall reconciled vouchers?

Use the F12: Configure feature to recall the reconciled vouchers of a Bank reconciliation statement to modify or clear the dates for fresh reconciliation.

ABC Company Limited Bank Recouncillation

6. Create Multiple Groups / Ledgers

Did you know that you to create multiple groups or multiple ledgers from a single screen?

From the Gateway of Tally > Accounts Info > Groups > Create (Multiple Groups) Multi Ledger Creation screen is displayed:

ABC Company Limited Multi Ledger Creation

7. Create Multiple Aliases for Ledgers

Did you know that Tally.ERP 9 allows you to create multiple aliases for ledgers and assign codes (optional)?

During voucher entry you can select either name of the ledger or any one of the alias.

ABC Company Limited Ledger Creation

8. Navigation of Vouchers in Day Book using Page Up and Page Down keys

Did you know that you can view the details of the current voucher in any report?

To view the details of a voucher in a report, highlight the transaction and press Enter. You can press the Page Down key to view the details of the next transaction and press the Page Up key to view the details of the previous transactions.

ABC Company Day Bank

In Day Book press Enter over Sales Voucher No.1, press Page Down to view the next transaction (Sales Voucher No. 2) or press Page Up to view the details of the previous transaction (Receipt No 2).

9. New Company with same Configuration

Did you know that you can create a new company with the same configuration?

To create a new company with the same configuration F11: Features and F12: Configurations follow the steps shown:

• Create a Company.
• Set the required F11: Features and F12:Configurations as required
• Keep the company loaded
• Create another company
• The new company created will have the same features and configurations

10. Removing a Line and bringing it back in a report

Did you know that you can remove a line and bring it back in Tally.EPR 9?

This feature can be used to hide a group, ledger and stock item you can press Alt+R, to recall the hidden line press Alt+S and to recall the lines in order of removal press Alt+U